About Me

whichI am Vivian Dennard and sole owner of Kupanya. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2007 and absolutely love my job.  I am trained in:

  • Swedish massage
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Cupping
  • Myofascial release
  • Shiatsu
  • Sports massage
  • Orthopedic medical massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Acupressure
  • Infant Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Geriatric Massage

My practice is called Kupanya, , which means health in Swahili is I believe massage therapist have the ability to heal with their hands. In Kupanya the most important quality is compassion and individualized care and treatment.  No one gets cookie cutter treatment.  Massage therapy is intuitive in that you use different modalities or tools without thinking knowing that what you are doing is correct for this particular client. 

After working in different massage practices I decided to open my own practice. The inspiration to run Kupanya was to bring relief from pain from all people.  During my training in Orthopedic Massage I learned that people go through years of endless constant persistent pain that does not go away and they learn to accept the pain feeling that this is what I must accept.  When Orthopedic Massage is performed and trigger points therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular, cupping and other massage modalities are used to reduce or eliminate pain in fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendon years of pain are slowly swept away leaving the client close to a point of living and movement prior to the injury.

What I love most about massage therapy is I have chosen a career that I love to the point that when you wake up in the morning ready and eager to go to work. Each client is a new and unique being that graces my massage table with their presence and at the end of each session I learn something new about history, science or their life that I did not know before. What I love most about my job is the same thing that I love when I perform relaxation as well as Orthopedic Massage is after the stress, reduction and elimination of pain that client falls asleep on my massage table.  Their sleep is not a light sleep but a deep contented sleep that only comes when all the stress and pain is gone and the body just melts and you loathe as a massage therapist to have to wake the client and have them turn over.  Shhh…. Sometimes I let them sleep and work other areas again.  To be honest this is the best feedback I can receive from a client is have them get on my table in pain and fall asleep when their pain is decreased or eliminated.  No words are necessary just the light to loud snores is the best feedback for me.